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CQC Report

The CQC have published their report on Western Elms Surgery and it is available to download here. We are pleased that we have been rated overall as 'good' and the Patient Participation Group have reviewed the report as well. Alan Porton, Chair of the PPG, has said, 'I feel that everyone at Western Elms should be rightly proud of the contents. It shows that you have a dedicated team both at the face and behind the scenes'.

Website Problems

We apologise for the interruption in the normal service of our website on 4-6th Dec - the problem has now been fixed and you should be able to log in and order prescriptions again.

Western Elms Flu Immunisation

Please book your appointment soon

At the reception desk or phone in


Saturday 4th October & Saturday 25th October

and various dates with the nurse during the week. Please call for details.




If you do not want the Flu vaccine please let us know and we will note it on your records. 


How to order a prescription

Our preferred method of prescription request is now via the chemist. Please speak to the chemist of your choice and ask for it to be "nominated" and then they can request and recieve electronic prescriptions on your behalf.  The prescription is received on-line at the surgery and signed electronically by your GP and then returned.  It still takes 48 hours as it still has to be checked for safety reasons however it is not a piece of paper that can go missing!  It is an auditable system whereby we can tell where the prescription is in the process.

Alternatively if you need a repeat issued and have not nominated a pharmacy you can hand in the right hand side of your prescription to the receptionist or put it in the prescription box.  The doctors need to check and sign these so please allow 2 full working days before collection. Prescriptions can be posted if you enclose an S.A.E.

WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO TAKE PRESCRIPTIONS OVER THE PHONE.  This was never a formal process of ordering a prescription but a favour to patients who needed it.  There is no need to do this any more as you are able to phone your nominated pharmacy and order your prescription with them.  They are trained to receive prescription requests over the phone and in the interests of safety for all patients we will no longer be able to do so. We are sorry.



Whilst we try not to change the opening hours here at the surgery, sometimes we need to get all staff together for additional training.   Please note below any changes and accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause:

26th November - 12.15pm-4.30pm - staff training - closed, call 01189 590257 for emergency care

17th December - PPG meeting - 6.45pm - new members are always welcome


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We are sorry to advise all prospective patients that we have had to close our list with immediate effect.

 This is not a decision that we take lightly but our responsibility is to those patients who are already registered with us.

 We will be working with NHS England in the hope that measures can be taken to ensure that we open it again as soon as we can.

 Alternative surgeries are available on NHS Choices website or ask at the desk for contact details for the TVPCA who will help you register elsewhere.

 Our apologies for any inconvenience caused



is the new number to call if you need

non urgent help when the surgery is closed.

Please dial


if you have a life threatening emergency 

when the surgery is closed.